The fast growing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and rapid turn-over in technology is creating a growing e-waste stream not only in industrialized but also in developing countries like Tanzania.

The challenge of e-waste is even of greater concern in developing countries because most of these countries lack the capacity for handling and recycling the hazardous materials contained in e-waste. This leads to disposal of both e-waste and municipal waste in dumpsites hence polluting the environment and creating health risks to the nearby community and the population at large.

The CPCT provides  guidance on  Electronic waste management. CPCT is the first  institution in Tanzania  to conduct E-waste assessment study under UNIDO project e-waste initiative for Tanzania in 2010/2011, which leads to formalization and establishment of the e-waste dismantling and refurbishment facility at the Country. The  center  has  adequate  E-waste  management  experts  who participates  in  several  initiatives  to foster develoment of a sustainable e-waste management system in Tanzania including formulation of e-waste policy and regulations as well as development of existing e-waste standard.CPCT is a member of National E-waste Steering Committee in Tanzania.

Major services offered by the CPCT with regards to E-waste

  • E-waste Assessment Studies
  • Training and Capacity Building on E-waste
  • Research and Feasibility studies

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