The Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania was initiated in October 1995 under the UNIDO –UNEP Programme that promotes the implementation of resource efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and waste management.

The CPCT is a member of UNIDO and UNEP global Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production network (RECPnet) and the African Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption (ARSCP) – a regional networking organization that brings together professionals and institutions from around Africa in the promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) initiatives through experience sharing and information dissemination. Since May 2004, the CPCT has been playing a leading role in the leadership and management of the ARSCP. The Centre also hosts the Secretariat of organization. for the African Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ARSCP).

The CPCT with currently thirteen (13) staff has training, RECP (in-plant) assessment, information dissemination and policy advice as its core functions with activities in different sectors including textiles, food, chemicals, beverage, leather and pulp and paper.