The Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania (CPCT) is an autonomous not-for-profit non-governmental organization which was registered under the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance Cap 374 in April 2005.


The Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania is to be a leading not for profit institution that provides cleaner production, sustainable consumption;environmental management and consultancy services to small and


The mission of the Centre as an independent not-for profit institution is to promote and build national capacity for the adaptation and adoption of sustainable production and consumption in Tanzania

The Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

RECP net

Electronic waste

Electronic waste

The fast growing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and rapid turn-over in technology is creating a growing e-waste stream not only in industrialized but also in developing countries like Tanzania. The challenge of e-waste is even of greater

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Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania (CPCT) Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production in Tanzania.

Services offered by CPCT

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production assessments, Environmental audits (EAs), Environmental impact assessments (EIAs,) Climate Change mitigation and adaptatio, Monitoring and evaluation, Energy management and audits, Environmental management systems and Training.

RECP Training